Insurance Information

We understand that managing the financial aspects of healthcare can be challenging. To make the process more straightforward and accessible, we're pleased to offer a variety of payment and insurance options.

In-Network Insurance

We're proud to be in-network with several major insurance providers, including:

- Aetna

- Anthem Blue Cross
- Cigna
- Lyra

This means that if you are insured with any of these providers, your policy may cover a significant portion of the cost of your treatment.

Out-of-Network Reimbursement

If we are not in-network with your insurance provider, we have a process in place to assist you. We can provide a superbill upon request. A superbill is a detailed receipt of the services provided during your visit, which you can submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. The percentage reimbursed typically ranges from 40-80%, but in some cases, it can cover up to 100% of the allowable rate after meeting your annual deductible. The allowable rate varies based on your specific insurance plan.

Private Pay Rate

This fee applies to those who prefer to pay out of pocket for privacy reasons or those whose insurance we do not currently accept.

New patient consultation/second opinion evaluations (60 minutes) — $800 

Medication follow-up and brief psychotherapy appointments (20-30 minutes) - $400

Medication follow-up appointments (15 minutes) - $200

Network Gap Exception

Insurance plans often necessitate that patients be seen by in-network clinicians to qualify for coverage. However, certain exceptions may permit coverage even when seeing an out-of-network physician. This is typically the case when there's a scarcity of in-network physicians specializing in a specific condition or when an in-network physician cannot adequately address a patient's medical needs. In such scenarios, patients may be eligible for coverage for our services through a mechanism known as a "network gap exception" or a "network deficiency." In these cases, your insurance will process these claims as though we were an in-network practice.

Given the very limited availability of neuropsychiatrists within California, most insurance plans will not be able to provide you with timely access to a neuropsychiatrist within a reasonable distance from your home (typically within 30-50 miles). Therefore, you should be eligible to get this exception approved to be seen in our pratice. We encourage patients to request an "out-of-network override request" form from their insurance company. After receiving this form, patients can either submit it themselves or allow us to submit it on their behalf to determine if they qualify for a network gap exception before scheduling an appointment with us. 

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